Our 2002 Vacation

Leaving Houston the morning after school let out put us ahead of the summer tourist rush. We flew to the Baltimore-Washington airport and drove our rented Intrepid into Washington to kick off 8 days of east-coast travel, exposing the kids to our nation's history, government and the Big Apple.

Our route started in Washington, DC, and took us from there eastward to Annapolis, Md., then northward to Philadelphia and New York City. Then we headed westward, crossing New Jersey (took about 40 minutes -- Sally still can't get over that), through Easton, Hershey & Gettysburg, Pa. Then lastly we headed southeast again back to Baltimore to fly home.

Click on the photos below to see larger images.

Here we are on the Capitol steps after taking a tour, guided by 4 of our Congressman's aides and interns.

"And if I'm elected...."

The Main Reading Room of the
Library of Congress.

That first night we attended the Friday "Evening Parade" at the Marine Barracks in Washington. Incredible!

This Marine escorted us to our seats for the performance by the US Marine Band and the USMC Drum & Bugle Corps.

Erin & Patrick both really enjoyed the performance of the two bands as well as the drill team.

At the Smithsonian, there was a special exhibit of photos taken in New York on 9/11. The flag hanging here is the one dug from the rubble of the World Trade Center.

We spent nearly 5 hours in the Air & Space Museum, and could have seen much more. It's HUGE! Most museums have models hanging from the ceiliing, this one has real airplanes! And LOTS of them! Here's the Spirit of St. Louis.

My "post card" shot of the Capitol, taken from the mall.

You do a LOT of walking in DC! Here we are, cooling off our dogs in the fountain in front of the National Archives.

Just stopping by the home of our "dear friends," Laura & Dubya. Hmm, must not be home, the gate's locked.

The Washington Monument, reflected in the Tidal Basin, on our walk over to the new FDR Memorial.