Thursday, July 15th 

St. Arnold's 4th Scavenger Hunt and Video Pub Crawl!

Houston's own St Arnold Brewing Company, Texas' oldest craft bewery and Houston's largest American-owned
brewery, is holding their 4th Scavenger Hunt Video Pub Crawl, this time in Houston's "Mid-town" area. As in the other
scavenger hunts, entrants are to identify, locate, and photograph themselves with objects found inside of area bars. This
go-round there were 6 objects to be found. Those who submit their photographs will be invited to a private party at the
brewery where an iPad will be given away to the lucky grand prize winner.

Mike Rine and I again accepted the challenge! The clues were announced in a video on Thursday afternoon and as luck
would have it, it was a Dynamo game night, so we decided to meet after work and try to solve a couple of the clues
before the game. Our plan was to pick up sandwiches at Spec's deli, so we were already in the mid-town neighborhood.

A couple of the clues were pretty clear to us and we jotted down those places. Then a couple of Google searches of the
area on "pub" and "bar" gave us a list of about 10 possible stops to find the 6 objects.

We visited 4 places before the game and found 3 of the clues. When we found the pick-up truck bench seat, there were
already customers sitting in it enjoying a drink, but we explained what we needed and they slid over to let us get our pictures.

The Dynamo played in the first of their SuperLiga games against Mexican rival Pachuca. As always this was an exciting
and passionate game and fortunately the men in orange came out on top, 2-1, on two goals by the recently returned
forward, Joseph Ngwenya.

After the game we headed back to the mid-town area to see if we could snag the remaining 3 clues. It was amazing to
us how many people (younger people than ourselves) were still out at 10pm, on a weeknight, filling the bars and pubs.
Again, we made only 1 miscalculation and found the remaining 3 clues in only 4 stops.

Lennie Ambrose, Saint Arnold's Events and Marketing guru, set out the rules and the clues in the video shown below....

All pics taken by Mike Rine....

photos © 2010 by Neal Scott, all rights reserved.

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