Friday, July 24th 

St. Arnold's 3rd Scavenger Hunt
Video Pub Crawl!

Houston's own St Arnold Brewing, Texas' oldest craft bewery, is holding their 3rd
Scavenger Hunt Video Pub Crawl, this time along the Washington Ave. corridor, west of
downtown Houston. As in the other scavenger hunts, entrants are to identify, locate, and
photograph themselves with objects found inside of area pubs. This go-round there were
6 objects to be found. Those who submit their photographs will be invited to a private
party at the brewery where a "kegerator" will be given away to a lucky grand prize winner.

The clues for the pub stops were given in a video shown below....

Mike Rine and I again accepted the challenge and met after work on Friday. After giving
blood at Minute Maid Park at the Astros Blood Drive, we set out for Washington Avenue.
This is an area that he and I are not very familiar, proven by the fact that our first four stops
turned up nothing. However, at stop five, we hit the jackpot! Not only did we find clue #3
below, but we ran into some other hunters, as well as a sales rep for a liquor distributor who
was familiar with all the area pubs! She was invaluable in our search!

All pics taken by Mike Rine!

photos © 2009 by Neal Scott, all rights reserved.

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