Friday, July 25th 

St. Arnold Downtown Video
Scavenger Hunt Pub Crawl!

Houston's own St Arnold Brewing, Texas' oldest craft bewery, is holding a "Scavenger Hunt" Pub Crawl in downtown Houston where the entrants are to identify, locate, and photograph themselves with 7 objects found inside of 7 pubs or bars. The first 100 people to submit their photographs will be invited to a private party at the brewery where a "kegerator" will be given away to a lucky grand prize winner.

The clues for the pub stops were given in a video that was released July 24th....

Mike Rine and I accepted the challenge and met after work on Friday, the day after the video was released, hoping to get in the top 100, and if not, well, then to have some fun and visit a few downtown pubs!

We thought we were certain about of 5 of the 7 locations, and felt pretty sure of the other two. Turned out we were wrong on three of them, but our luck was good as we actually found all seven directly without ever going into a wrong location. I can't go into more detail since the Scavenger Hunt is still on, and people using Google can probably soon find this page, but after the deadline passes next week I'll update the page with the location names and a little more of the story.

Click on each photo to see a larger version

Rubbing the monkey's head for good luck!

Felt right at "Home" at this stop on the scavenger hunt!
My Aunt Wilva had a wall of plates very much like this one!
Can you imagine a pub crawl with this many stops on it?
These two Democratic candidates were a little crooked, so I straightened them up.
OUCH! Hey, Referee!!
Me and a horny li'l devil.

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photos © 2008 by Neal Scott, all rights reserved.

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