July 2, 2005

Visiting Corpus

We visited Corpus the weekend of July 4th and grabbed an
opportunity to take Mother and Daddy to see the city's new
Double-A baseball team, the Corpus Christi Hooks.

Even though the team is doing fairly well, we picked a bad night
as the Hooks lost to the Midland Rockhounds 10-0. But we
still had fun seeing the brand new Whataburger Stadium, and
despite the heat, the ever-present breeze kept us comfortable
and kept the mosquitoes at bay.

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The evening started with dinner at Joe's Crab shack on the People's Street t-head downtown.
Inside Joe's. We also had Patrick and his friend Richey with us, but when they weren't actually eating, they stayed on the video games.
The entrance to Corpus Christi's new Whataburger Stadium, home of the Hooks. The stadium was built alongside the port of Corpus Christi, just west of the museum and the convention center, on a site previously occupied by a large series of cotton warehouses.
While they weren't always this numerous, the seagulls certainly made themselves at home. Never saw one get beaned by either a pitch or a hit, but with each hit they would take flight making even the most routine grounder seem like something spectacular.
This was Mother and Daddy's first Hooks ballgame, and perhaps their first ballgame together ever. Mother seemed really to enjoy the outing and was fascinated by the seagulls on the field.
The C.C. Harbor Bridge provides a dramatic backdrop to the outfield view.
For those familiar with the Cow Parade, Corpus has created a similar series of dolphins around town. This dolphin 'rita stands outside the Water Street Seafood Co., a well-known seafood restaurant in downtown Corpus.
Dropped by the old homestead, 406 Sharon, and if you haven't seen it in many years, you'd hardly recognize it. The owners have put a red tile roof on it and have planted an enormous number of plants all around it, including the towering cedars along the left side. The mimosa is gone from the front yard, but the mesquite still survives.