Jan 1, 2002

Holiday Visits & Travels...

The Christmas holidays were a wonderful time for us again this year. "Miss Phyllis" came back to Houston for a visit, leaving behind the snow & chill of Missouri for the, well, clouds & chill of Houston. And we finally made it to Austin to visit Larry & Jane and see their beautiful new home (unfortunately, we were apparently having too much fun to take any pictures). In addition to seeing the impressive new "Bob Bullock Texas History Museum," we had a great dinner at Matt's El Rancho restaurant and took a brief walk around the UT campus, introducing the kids to their future Alma Mater.

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  It was so good to get a chance to visit with "Miss Phyllis" (aka Phyllis Frederick Steelman) as the Steelmans visited Houston over the holidays.

Husband Dan was too tuckered out from their visit with the Vinton (Louisiana) crowd to stand up to the Houston barrage and Phyllis left him asleep in the motel. But we'll forgive him ­ this time.

We're hoping for a Houston-only visit sometime in the near future so we can see them both next time!


  Before leaving Austin to head back to Houston, we took a brief walk around the "40-acres" and couldn't resist a photo in front of the Littlefield Fountain.

We hope to visit again during the school year and go to the observation deck of the tower. And to get four tickets to a home football game in the 2002 season (you can call us collect if you have some!).


  57 years ago my parents had their picture snapped at almost the exact spot that we did above! Except for the railing that we were sitting on, and the much-larger trees that now nearly obscure the view of the Main Building, not much has changed! Thanks to my dad for sending this photo!


  That's Erin, nearly lost in the shadows there, striking a pose as she imagines her future days attending UT.


  Don't know if it was Texas' win over Washington in the Holiday Bowl, or just a visit to the UT campus, but somehow Patrick seems to finally have been won over from the "dark side" and is proudly wearing some burnt orange.