Welcome, Duncan!

Duncan T. Scott, a West Highland White Terrier , or "Westie," joined our household on Sunday, March 11th. He was just 6 weeks old, but despite his small stature, he has taken over our household.


 Even sitting in an old Coke crate, Duncan has that air of royalty.


 It's azalea time in Houston and our few shrubs are in full splendor. Duncan is usually willing to let us hold him, but he's always on the lookout for more adventure.

Duncan joined us at the start of the kids' Spring Break and they have really become great friends during the week, even when he wakes them up at 3:30 in the morning!


 Until he completes his series of shots (takes 6 weeks), Duncan is restricted to the house and our backyard. But we can't wait until he can go with us to the kids' soccer practice and to their soccer games! It may be tough to keep him from trying to join in the game, though.


 Duncan really enjoys running around on the trampoline.

On this day the air was cool and dry and Duncan would build up a static charge as he ran around on the mat. You can see the fur sticking out in the picture! But he certainly didn't like the shock he got when he'd touch us after this! After the first spark we made sure to touch his feet first to discharge him.

photos © 2001 by Neal Scott, all rights reserved.

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