August 2002

As are most months, August was busy for the Scotts.

School began on the 14th with Erin starting at Jersey Village High School (can you believe it?) and Patrick at Cook Jr. High. Summer Band for Erin started on the 1st; and Patrick attended a soccer "fitness camp" early in the month. Soccer was in full swing and the Dynamos attened their first tournament of the fall in Texas City on August 24 & 25th. Unfortunately, Patrick didn't make it to the 25th game as he broke his wrist during the first game on Saturday. But he must be the kind of player coaches love 'cause he played two games before complaining about its hurting on the way home Saturday evening.

Just before school started, Dad took the kids on a day trip to Huntsville State Park for two hours of canoing then to Lake Conroe where we rented a couple of Yamaha Wave Runners for an hour of skimming around the lake.

Scouts began again after the post summer camp break with a JLTC that Patrick attended as his Patrol's Assistant Patrol Leader.

The last day of the month we went to Austin to see the Longhorns play the University of North Texas and to visit the Larry Robichauxes. We took Erin out to Lake Buchanan on Sunday to see her friend Amanda and we went on to the Fall Creek Winery for a tour, tasting and picnic before returning home for Labor Day.

Here's the newly- casted Patrick... new that he only has a couple of signatures on his new cast (and the trim still looks white!). It's since become covered with signatures from his soccer team, Scouts and students.

Yes, that's Jasmine, the Rogers' dog riding the Seadoo with Mrs. Rogers. Jasmine whines and cries if she doesn't get to take at least every other ride on the Seadoo.

So, once Jasmine had taken her turn, Elaine took Patrick out for a ride.

Erin, meanwhile, had disappeared out on the lake boating with Amanda and her summer friend Andrew.

While Patrick and the dog rode the Seadoo around, Larry took Michelle and Sarah out for a paddle.
The Fall Creek Winery of Tow, Texas, lies on the north shore of Lake Buchanan and has a very nice patio looking over the vineyards. It mad a perfect place for a picnic!

Recently the BMW and the Mercedes Clubs of Austin had held events here.

The operators of the winery were very hospitable to us, allowing us to picnic on the porch and even turning on the misters to help us cool off.

We enjoyed and heartily recommend Fall Creek's Chenin Blanc and their Granite Blush.